Saudi Arabias First RYA Powerboat Scool

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Blueprint watersports continue to influence and develop safe and professional boating worldwide and are pleased to report that the Royal Yachting Association recognition for Powerboat Training has been awarded to King Abdullah university of Science and Technology (KAUST) on Saudi Arabia's Red Sea Coast.

The first Powerboat Course has been completed with a 100% pass rate for the nine candidates who include Saudi, Lebanese, Philipino, Egyptian and Sudanese nationals.

Blueprint Director Tim Hughes says that training is a little different to the UK. "Waterproofs and warm clothing are not really a requiement but if you go out without plenty of drinking water and protection from the sun then you are in trouble".

Navigation is a little more challenging also. although Saudi Arabia complies with IALA "A" as we do in the UK, there are very few navigational marks outside of the main ports. Unmarked coral reefs are abundant and pose on of the biggest threats to an boat. Safe speed, a good lookout and local knowledge are vital in an area such as this which is uncharted. Having the right paperwork in place is pretty important too. The Coastguard patrols all waters very effectively and with machine guns mounted on every pilot craft, you had better have your license and permit up to date.

Otherwise, facilities at the university are second to none with a training fleet of boston Whalers, some small safety RIBS and a large harbor to practice those maneuvers in and classrooms are state of the art as you would expect.

Blueprint looks forward to the continued development of watersports in this region and to encouraging more and more people safely onto the sea.

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