Personal Watercraft

Personal Watercraft

Personal Watercraft feature aboard many charter yachts and you can be sure that guests will always want to use them, regardless of their ability or experience. In addition, an increasing number of coastal authorities are demanding that appropriate licenses are held by the PWC operator.

How does it work?

To become a Royal Yachting Association (RYA) Recognised Teaching Centre, a member of the ships company must first become a qualified RYA PWC Instructor. With this qualification in place, and the correct paperwork and procedures in place, the yacht can apply to the RYA for recognition and inspection.


Personal Watercraft (Jet Ski) Instructors are experienced PW drivers who have been trained and assessed to run the RYA's Introduction to Personal Watercraft Safety Course. The instructor course is run over three days by an RYA PW Trainer and assessed by an independent Trainer.

One of the difficulties with training is spending time away from the yacht, especially for Captains and First Officers. Blueprint provide the RYA PWC Instructor Training from your yacht or location for up to 6 people at once. This means that it is far easier for senior crew to take the training and therefore effectively supervise junior staff who are most likely to be more operationally involved with the PWCs.


Blueprint offers a consultancy service in order to assist the yacht with the necessary paperwork and preparation, prior to the Centre Recognition application being submitted to the RYA. This includes producing vessel specific written operating procedures including risk assessments, emergency action plans and a full training manual. This work can be completed at the same time as a PCW Instructor course, thus keeping any disruption to the yacht to a minimum. All yachts are different but this process is likely to take between 2 and 3 days.


It is important to note that the nominated Principal of the RYA Recognised Centre will need to demonstrate an understanding of their responsibilities and application of the RYA guidance notes. Blueprint will assist with all arrangements prior to Inspection.

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